Come Sei Bella

Have you noticed that most of us women are just too hard on ourselves? A lot of us do not think that we are beautiful enough. Sometimes we just make ourselves believe that we are, but deep inside we are battling with so many issues about our physical traits. We don’t like our nose, our hips. We find our arms too big, our boobs too small, or even find our complexion unflattering. Name it, there are countless of female issues revolving around physicality.

10 Tips on How To Throw A Successful Yard Sale!

We girls are naturally born hoarders. We simply can’t get enough of clothes, knick knacks, bags, shoes, and all those stuff. Moreover we love keeping things that we don’t even use just because they have sentimental values to us or simply because we think we might use them in the future. So imagine, an average woman who thinks like that may naturally need a warehouse just for her things! Pretty hilarious but true! I for one agree because at some point I am a hoarder.

Lacy Day

When it comes to clothes, fabrics do matter to me a lot. They can make or break. They tell your story and character. As for me, I’ve always been into the feminine side with style. I love drama & mystique and nothing spells craftsmanship, details, history and romance better than lace. I’m literally in-love.

Tropical Fizz

The only thing constant in life is change. As we grow old we develop different interests, priorities and dreams. Sometimes even our likes change. Including our wardrobe! ( Wow, such a sensible intro to something that will only end up in the closet! Hahaha!) Seriously,  I have lately become more classic and simple with my choices in the closet. From the colors, to the cut, to the fabric.  It comes with age by the way so if you’re young, experiment and enjoy all possibilities! There’s no other time to do it but when you are young, wild, and free as they say.

As Wide as You Can Get

I just love how wide leg pants can make you look taller. Why? Cos you can actually do the tricks underneath by donning the tallest heels or wedges that you have! Yes it is with these palazzo pants that you can add inches to your usual pants length.


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